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Young Culture - (this is) Heaven Review

Coming from Upstate New York, Young Culture has captivated audiences with their high energy and melodic tracks, making their songs crowd favorites. The band features Alex Magnan (vocals), Gabe Pietrafesa (guitar), Troy Burchett (guitar) and Nick Cavin (drums). With their new release, (this is) Heaven, via Equal Vision Records, they branch out from their previous releases and present a well-polished piece of work ready to dazzle the music world. Through the lyrics and melodies present on this EP, Young Culture showcases their ability to release infectious tracks while relating well to their audiences. (this is) Heaven proves that they are on the rise with 2019 slated to be their year.

The opening track “Deluxe” captures the attention of the listener immediately with the hard hitting guitar riffs and punchy drums, while Magnan’s voice smoothly enters the track. The progression of melody and vocals makes this a phenomenal song that highlights the best parts of Young Culture’s growth since their debut. With “Deluxe” being the starter of the album, it sets a solid foundation for the band’s potential.

The slow beginning of “Drift” is quite misguiding as the song escalates into the fast-paced Young Culture track fans know and love. The songs breakdown highlights the strongest parts of the Magnan’s voice, the masterful guitar riffs courtesy of Pietrafesa and Burchett, and the setting tone of drums by Cavin; a perfect meshing of vocals and instrumentals.

Another track that is worth highlighting is “Never Changed,” a song that breaks the mold from the previous songs on the EP. Rather than being an upbeat and fast-paced track, this song is filled with airy guitars and thoughtful vocals, creating the perfect atmosphere for the emotional lyrics. Despite the song’s differences from the rest of the EP’s vibe, this track proves that the band can skillfully tackle any type of song; both reflective of Young Culture original sound.

This EP is reflective of Young Culture’s rise in their respective genre, paving 2019 towards their future accomplishments. They are strong contenders in the pop-punk area, giving the genre a fresh spin. While this EP only contains 5 tracks, we eagerly await a full length that will showcase the talent and thoughtfulness present on (this is) Heaven.

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