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Lizzo - Cuz I Love You

Lizzo‘s Cuz I Love You via Atlantic Records is the album of the summer. Containing high energy and thoughtfulness, it allows for audiences to witness the rise of Lizzo. The major label debut definitely has given her a foothold in the charts. 

Bursting into the scene with the energetic single, ‘Juice’, Lizzo gave her listeners a song for the summer. Full of catchy hooks, a light guitar, and synths, she delivered a track that definitely is meant to be sung aloud. Lizzo’s vocals on ‘Juice’ highlight her ability to belt out flawless choruses with ease and entertain fans with her relatable yet humorous lyrics. The melody meshed with the lighthearted, fun loving lyrics make the track perfect for any atmosphere, from clubs to late night drives around the town. 

‘Jerome’ is a bare bones stripped track that pulls the focus towards her emotional lyrics and voice. Rather than the fast paced, lighthearted lyrics that were seen on ‘Juice’, Lizzo eases into a ballad type track that is focuses on the raw emotions and thoughts rather than the feel goods of partying. The emotional quality of her music is highlighted in Jerome, where she sings about the trials of a man who is too immature to be in a relationship. 

‘Exactly How I Feel’ is a punchy, 90’s inspired track that samples Sir Mix A Lot’s distinct reverbed beat from ‘Jump On It’. Lizzo‘s vocals perfectly pair with the punch of the song, accentuating the end of a lyric with the strategic DJ spin and drum beat. Bringing in Gucci Mane for a verse adds a bit of contrast with the bright tones of the melody as his deep, calm vocals even out the tracks high energy.  Nearing the end of the song, Lizzo belts out a fantastic combo of notes, tying off the song on a high vibe. 

Cuz I Love You captures Lizzo‘s vocal range and variety of tracks, allowing listeners to view the high energy and the emotional aspects to her. The album is well paced, with the transitions of songs perfectly meshing together in a thorough listen of the record. As her major label debut album, it shows what she is capable of and leaves the listener wanting for more. 

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