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Wallows - Nothing Happens

After the release of multiple singles and a newly slated tour for late spring, Wallows have finally dropped their long awaited debut album, Nothing Happens. The album culminates the work that the band has created in the past year, following their Spring EP release. The group consists of Dylan Minnette (guitar/vocals), Braeden Lemasters (guitar/vocals), and Cole Preston (drums), and on Nothing Happens, they produce mellow tunes while meshing topics relating to love and life. The album flows flawlessly, the themes easily branching throughout each song on the record. The opening song “Only Friend” effortlessly leads to the closing track “Do Not Wait”, where the both are meshed with a fade in/fade out of a beautifully tracked guitar, having the album return in full circle.

The record opens with a guitar heavy track titled “Only Friend”. While fade-ins are quite common in songs, Wallows uses it perfectly to introduce the hidden transitions, opening the album beautifully. As the melody picks up speed and the drums enter, they create a track that is easy to listen and jam to. The breakdown nearing the end of the song portrays the instrumental skill that the group have, carrying over into the next song “Treacherous Doctor”.

Being one of the singles, “Are You Bored Yet? ft. Clairo” embodies the overall feel of the entirety of the album. The track highlights the idea of a new relationship, where Minnette’s vocals perfectly contrast Clairo’s while they sing about a couple who tries to figure out if their relationship will work in the end. Pairing their harmonic vocals with mellow guitars and punchy synths makes the song a happy and hopeful anthem for new relationships.

The punchiest track on the album, “What You Like” opens with loud drums, and a solid bass line, quite different from the mellow sounds heard earlier on the album. The guitar comes in to pair with the beat on the choruses, while Minnette’s echoed voice complements the overall edgy vibe of the song. The breakdown is electric, exemplifying Preston’s masterful handling of the drums. “What You Like” picks up from the slower paced tracks earlier on the album, but still retains the Wallows element.

The record is consistent in its sound, from the distorted and mellow guitars, to the bright synths, setting a recurring mood throughout each song. The album’s production is stellar and presents what Wallows is capable of. Nothing Happens is a nostalgic sounding album, which brings forth emotion and unique memories to each listener.

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