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The Black Dahlia Murder Headbangs Their Way to Ottawa

October 22, 2017

The Black Dahlia Murder brought their tour to Ottawa last Tuesday to an enthusiastic crowd ready to headbang and scream every lyric. The tour promotes their most recent album, Nightbringers, showcasing the band's melodic and heavy sound.

Packing in a crowd of enthusiastic fans, they created an atmosphere that was very hard to ignore; the room was buzzing and fans were ready to savor every part of the show.

Starting the set off with their song Widowmaker, which is the first track off their most recent album, immediately had the crowd going crazy. Combined with the quick beat and heavy riffs, vocalist, Trevor Strnad, had fans screaming lyrics whilst headbanging over the barricade. Soon enough, the band had fans moshing and created numerous circle pits throughout the set. As the night progressed, the band showcased many of their new songs and contrasted them with old material. These transitions proved to be an example of the evolution that the band has undergone with their music, and exhibits the melodic style that is present throughout their entire discography.

The band featured ‘Nightbringers’ in an amazing way, never having a dull moment and always keeping up with the crowd of fans who knew word for word. The Black Dahlia Murder has a phenomenal live performance that will leave their audiences breathless, whether it be from the moshing or from pure awe. They definitely have a impressive act, from the guitar solos to the expertly played drum beats and finally, to the voice that ties it all together. Those factors capture undivided attention from their audiences and showcases their heavy, death metal roots in a masterful live show.

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