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pronoun in Toronto

July 5, 2018

pronoun brought their supporting tour for Citizen, Angel Dust and Oso Oso to Toronto, ON on May 31st, 2018, bringing fans to the Velvet Underground for an intimate set. As the opener for the tour, pronoun definitely made an impact on the fans.

Alyse, who performs under the moniker of pronoun, had the crowd bopping to their indie synth style tunes. Though many were seeing them perform for the first time, there was no doubt that they appreciated the music that they played. Partnered with a backing band, pronoun skillfully worked the crowd garnering new fans with ease. 

pronoun has an indie rock/pop vibe, and the live performance exemplifies that.

Performing a variety of new and old tracks, with interludes of cricket and gong sounds to highlight jokes, they set a relaxing atmosphere for the enjoyment of music.

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