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Bearings Gets Hometown Love During EP Release

December 23, 2017

Bearings felt the love during their sold out EP release show in their home base of Ottawa last Saturday. The newest addition to Pure Noise Records have made quite a name for themselves both locally and internationally, touring with the likes of State Champs and Hold Close earlier this year. The band consists of Doug Cousins (vocals), Ryan Culligan (guitar/vocals), Tyler Nickel (guitar), Collin Hanes (bass), and Connor Kington (drums). The 5-piece band put on a show that highlights the emerging Ottawa scene; an energetic and driving force soon to be seen on a national stage.

The night began with the opening track, Petrichor, from their newly released ‘Nothing Here Is Permanent’ EP. Guitar chords were expertly played, drum beats kept the crowd jumping, and Doug’s vocals proved that Bearings are even better live than on the studio version. The song served as a great transition into the set, setting an atmosphere for finger pointing and light moshing.

The band set out playing Letters Home and other songs from the EP, encouraging the crowd to go wild. Bearings was ready to end the set with North Hansen, a catchy track that has gotten quite a bit of acclaim. The crowd went wild, yelling lyrics and moshing.

As the breakdown of the song came up, fans stage dived into the waiting crowd. Rather than ending the set there, the band decided to follow up with an encore. The last song, an old track titled ‘Constant State’ from one of their first EP’s, was dedicated to the old fans, who played a large part in the bands eventual success.

During a Bearings show expect energy, moshing and the occasional crowdsurf. The band embodies the original pop-punk vibe and leaves you with an lasting impression, proving that the scene is evolving and has no plans of stopping. Catch Bearings on tour in February in a city near you. 

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