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Scott Helman Kicks Off Tour in Ottawa

October 16, 2017

On October 13th, Scott Helman kicked off his co-headlining tour with Ria Mae with support from Jonathan Roy in Ottawa. Earlier in the day, a coin flip determined that Scott was going to headline the first night of tour.

The Toronto artist had the venue was packed with fans eager to see their idol, many of which sported his merch proudly or brought signs to support him in the friendly feud that had been publicized for the tour, as it was aptly named ScottVSRia.

To start the night off and get the energy pumping throughout the venue, Scott played a few feel good songs including Kites; a light energetic that highlights letting go and living in the moment.  Throughout the night, Scott alternated between old songs and new, playing some off of his first album, Augusta. Charted hits as Kinda Complicated, and PDA were played to an enthusiastic crowd. Slowing down, with a string of “I love you’s” from the crowd in front of the stage, he strung the opening chords for Ripple Effect and automatically had the crowd singing along. Later on, expertly covering Alanis Morissette’s ‘Hand In My Pocket’ on his guitar, to the delight of the older crowd.

With the night coming to a close, Scott played his platinum-certified hit, Bungalow. There was never a dull moment as Scott interacted with his band (consisting of: Callum Maudsley, Julian Psihogios. and Dylan Burrett) He put on an energetic performance that had the crowd jumping around and singing back the words. There is no doubt that Scott Helman has made himself memorable in the minds of his audiences with his music and likeable personality.

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