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Foals - Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost - Part 1

Releasing their long awaited album, ‘Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost – Part 1’, fans have the first glimpse of the new sound that Foals have curated since their last release 4 years ago. The band reaffirms their epic return to the forefront of music with the ambitious two-part project, the latter to be released this fall. Comparing the new record to their last two records – Holy Fire (2013) and What Went Down (2015) – the distinctive Foals sound is still present albeit more polished.

“Moonlight”, the first track on the album is dreamy invoking an outdoor vibe that pairs extremely well with the slow guitar. The lead singer’s, Yannis Philippakis, voice overpowers the guitar in the first half of the song, making the listener focus on the lyrics. However, partway through the track, the synth and guitar pick up, growing louder and making it the perfect transition into “Exits”.

“Exits”, the first single that Foals’ released, is a wonderfully crafted track that incorporates synths with a methodic use of cymbals. The first two seconds contain the pristine transition from “Moonlight”, perfectly meshing the two songs together. The song features a slightly hidden undertone of a xylophone that carries throughout the song and greatly into the chorus. The melody makes it hard to not crank up to full volume, making the single a definite fan favorite and setting the perfect tone for the album.

“On The Luna” is an effortless pop-rock track that incorporates catchy guitar riffs with beautifully incorporated synths. The song highlights the best parts of Philippakis’ voice, where he effortlessly hits high notes and harmonizes perfectly with the melody. The track pays homage to “My Number” from their 2013 release ‘Holy Fire’, with both tracks being highly energetic and featuring a beat that is difficult to ignore.

While this record features the first half of the full project that Foals is releasing in 2019, the album defines Foals’ music and their ability to be consistent with their music. With the eventual release of ‘Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost – Part 2‘, the main question is whether Foals will continue on the themes and ideas set forth in ‘Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost – Part 1’, or will they present a new piece of work devoid of any stylizations present on this album?

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