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Daniel Caesar Performs Impactful Sold Out Ottawa Show

December 2, 2017

Toronto’s very own R&B artist, Daniel Caesar, stopped in Ottawa on his Freudian tour this week. Caesar had sold out the venue to a multitude of fans, many who have supported him since the early days. This past Fall, he released his Freudian album, which has garnered attention from the likes of ‘Late Night with Seth Myers’ and recent collaborator, Chance the Rapper.

Daniel Caesar set the night off with hits from his LP ‘Pilgrim Paradise’. The song ‘Death and Taxes’ showcasing his smooth vocals and skillful guitar skills. Playing Japanese Denim, Caesar had the crowd singing along and swaying from side to side. He brought a stunning display of emotion to the stage, singing passionately against a background of a fog and colored lights. Throughout the night, the live performance had quite an impact on fans within the crowd, as many were openly crying and expressing their love for the music.

In between songs, Caesar would attempt to talk to fans, to no avail however, as there was shouts of ‘I love you’ throughout the venue.

Towards the end of the night, Daniel Caesar ended up jumping into the crowd to sing at the crowd, making his rounds from the left, centre and right sides to sing to the front row fans. He finished the song and returned to the stage, bidding his goodbyes before performing his last song. As he left the stage, the crowd erupted in yells, cheering him on to come out for his encore.

Not long after, Caesar came back out to the Ottawa crowd to perform his hit ‘Get You’. The song’s slow and sensual beat had the crowd dancing, and to their amazement, Caesar hopped off the stage once again to join them on the floor. Leading the crowd in a singalong of the chorus, the only thing that was heard throughout the venue was “ohhh” and “who wouldve thought I’d get you”.

There are two things in this world of that I’m sure, energy at a Daniel Caesar concert and that Ottawa eagerly awaits his return.

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