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Sempiternal - Bring Me The Horizon

Bring Me The HorizonSempiternal Label: RCA/ Sony Music Entertainment Release Date: April 1st 2013

As Bring Me The Horizon embarks on tour across the USA, you can bet that their most recent album, Sempiternal, will most definitely be present on the setlist. The album’s musical atmosphere mixed in with strong vocals will leave an impression on whoever listens to it. The overall tone of the album leaves the listener with the sensation of being present during one of their live performances; just pure raw energy.

Overall, the appeal of this album is the amazing combination between the striking melodies and the  powerful vocals. The album brings forth the true definition of Bring Me The Horizon and the growth from their earlier albums. The vocals (Oliver Sykes) are strong and raw giving a rough edge to the music that sets them apart from other bands and ultimately makes BMTH unique. The drums (Matt Nicholls), guitar (Lee Malia), synthesizer (Jordan Fish) and bass (Matt Kean) are fast paced and show unreal accuracy and leave a lasting impression after a listening to the album top to bottom.

The opening track is strong and sets the albums’ tone that manages to only get stronger and stronger as the tracklist continues. “House of Wolves”, “Shadow Moses”, and “Antivist” visit the original metalcore riffs which is accompanied by excellent vocals that portray a variety of emotion. Following “Shadow Moses”, the album mellows out giving a nice break and change that doesn’t make the tracklist redundant. “And The Snakes Start To Sing” has a calmer musical key but set the mood of the song and perfectly accompany the theme of the lyrics.

The final track on the album starts on a slow paced timing but eventually builds up. Approximately half way through the song, following meaningful lyrics, the song picks up to that typical classic Bring Me The Horizon vibe. The raw energy of the music and the vocals, along with the bass line, leave the perfect tone that is different from the opening song, in sound and speed, upon the listener and concludes the album on a high note.

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