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Revolution Radio - Green Day Review

Green Day -“Revolution Radio” Release Date: September 9th, 2016 Label: Reprise Records

Its has been 4 years since veteran punk rockers, Green Day, have released an album and Revolution Radio is generating the same hype as previously released records. This is a song that solidifies Green Day’s place in the industry as a leader of the punk era; mixing fast paced guitar riffs and upbeat, edgy drum lines. The single is featured on their highly anticipated, upcoming album, ‘Revolution Radio’ which is set for release on October 7th through Reprise Records.

“Revolution Radio” is a song that appeals to both new and old Green Day fans as it incorporates the original sound that the band has become known for, but also adds a more matured vibe to it which shows the bands growth throughout the years.

Personally, I found that this track parallels Green Day’s song ‘American Idiot’ in terms of lyric content and the serious political undertone that ‘American Idiot’. However, the way that it is delivered differs from previous tracks. As seen on ‘American Idiot’, harsher guitar riffs and more aggressive drum backing are still present on Revolution Radio; though cleaner and much more mature. The infectious riffs and solid beats make this single true to Green Day. The lyrics are powerful; reflecting on the political climate that surrounds the Black Lives Matter movement- “Scream with your hands up in the sky/Like you want to testify/For the life that’s been deleted/Sing like a rebel’s lullaby/Under the stars and stripes/For the lost souls that were cheated”. The serious undertone is direct and identifies a large issue that is currently happening in the world, while mixed with a happier musical tone.

Overall, the single “Revolution Radio” makes me want to sing it at the top of my lungs, as it is a song of a powerful movement. This song is true to the fans and the audience as well as Green Day; as they have become known for music that contains a political message. The single is catchy and will make you want to sing along. Kudos to Green Day for an inspirational track.

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