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Swedish native, LÉON, (born Lotta Lindgren) has made a big impact with her self-titled debut album. Following the release of three EP’s that garnered audience attention to tracks such as “Surround Me” and “Nobody Cares”, she continues to make strides with her music. She embodies a wide range of thoughts and emotions in her music, focusing on love and heartbreak within LÉON. After dropping the ‘You and I’ compilation (which housed her singles) earlier this year and amassing significant streams, LÉON continues to bring forward infectious tunes to the ears of her listeners. The album highlights the extensiveness of her vocals and the evolution of her music.

The most recently released single from the album, “You and I” is definitely a favourite with fantastic beat progressions and soulful choruses that wish to be belted loudly. ‘You and I’ highlights the highs and lows of relationships in the perfect way, reminiscing on what was or what could’ve been. The melody carries the ideas flawlessly, interchanging from the slow build up to a bright chorus that matches the ups and downs of a relationship.

The song “Baby Don’t Talk” is lighthearted and playful, focusing on intimate moments with ones partner. The song’s melody is free of heavy embellishments, focusing primarily on her vocals rather than covering it under guitars or drums. The verses are clear and give the impression of a small intimate venue performance, the snaps and backing vocals adding an echo-y atmosphere. LÉON does a fantastic job of building emotion and progression right towards the end of the song, leaving the listener wanting more.

“Come Home To Me” is an exemplary song that ties together the arching plot of the album.

As LÉON directs the story of a relationship through hardships and ease, this song defines putting differences aside to grow as a couple. The ballad is mixed with emotion, the piano perfectly complementing the lyrics. It is a true to heart track that portrays skill in her written and musical work.

The album encompasses the growth that LÉON has undergone throughout the years since her first single, highlighting her musical ascent into the indie-pop genre.

Written for: Highlight Magazine

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